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Prof. Dr. Major Deepak Rao , Mumbai INDIA Dee Blog

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In Nov, 2011 the President of India conferred honorary rank three eminent Indian personalities and commissioned them into the Indian Army. Along with celebrity sportsmen MS Dhoni and Abhinav Bindra there was a low profile Indian who was conferred honorary rank. He was Dr. Deepak Rao, a civilian, who had contributed to modernization of close quarter battle training of the Indian forces, training about 15000 soldiers and policemen for 18 years without any compensation, beyond the call of duty, with undying dedication and no expectation

This book is in two parts. It traces the success story of Dr. Deepak Rao, a military trainer, scientist and physician, author and philosopher and his wife Dr. Seema, daughter of a freedom fighter of India, who decided to join her husband in rendezvous to serve the Indian forces.

The second part reveals the Rao couples secrets of success in excelling in the camouflaged field of sweat, grit and blood, of contributing to a system usually resistant to civilians, and gaining recognition by the second largest army in the world. The Rao's attribute the secrets of success as Courage, Spirit, Truth, Honor, Duty, the sacred life code of Samurai warrior.

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