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Its working Magic, this Bushido!

The JKD DREAM - Connecting to Bruce Lee
I spent 35 years in martial arts. It all started with the great Bruce Lee movie Enter the Dragon. Started off with the available Karate, I carried on searching for the great Bruce Lees art JKD - Jeet Kune Do. After searching for decades, found out that only a few handfull of JKD Instructors exist that too in the USA. I realized that JKD was a concept & also a skill, dreamed for years about being a legitimate JKD Certified Instructor with lineage traced to Bruce Lee to realte to him & his philosophy which I practised for so many years.
When I connected with the 70 year old Iron Dragon Richard Bustillo, one of the few handful students of Bruce lee, I realized that in this field, its about the philosophical growth & technical maturity and no one asks for paper certification. And no one gets it too, as the original students of Bruce lee have long stopped certifying anyone for the sake of preventing abuse of the good name of Bruce lee.
After many years of training, my Teacher was supposed to certify me as a junior Instructor (Apprentice Instructor). He came to India with my certificate, but went away without granting me that honor. I was disappointed but carried on thinking that he didnot consider me evolved enough for the certification.
Sudenly one day, after many years, he came & stated that he wants to certify my Students. I arranged the ceremony and I was surprised when he graded my students Associate Instructors, which was a level higher than Apprentice. And before I knew, he called out my name & Sams name and graced us with the Full Instructor Certification, which is the highest certification in JKD. He had tears in his eyes and stated that nothing gives him more pleasure than grading me to this maximum level.
I realised with tears in my eyes that I had misunderstood him the first time, when he returned back without certifying me as Apprentice. My Teacher had then realized that my skills & philosophy didnot merit a low level certification, but a higher level. So he went back with the Apprentice certification and returned back next year with the full Instructor highest certification in JKD.
It was the greatest moment of my Life. I had connected to the man I worshipped, Bruce lee, who had such a lasting impact on the course of my life, my philosophy and my thinking. thank you Teacher! I love u.
If you do what you do with great sincerity, then the rewards ALWAYS come.

We worked with the Indian Army for 17 years, without expecting anything. No compensation, just work in modernization of training.
I am happy that we could oust out the old world war 2 British methodology from our soil. The British do everything the stupid way, in my personal opinion. They spell COLOUR and pronounce COLOR, they EAT with the right hand from the Bread plate kept on the left side, they CALCULATE (add or subtract) by counting from the right side and then moving towards the left, the unimportant digits first (eg they count the penies first and then the pounds)
Similarly they had multiple defects in their Close Quarter Battle methodology, which we corrected. We then had to do trials to convince the Army of the benefits. Thus, we ended up making history by modernizing the outdated british training curriculum for CT training.  We were also the first country in the world to do this.
For years, the army HQ didnot take notice of our work. Then came Gen VK Singh - a man of great honor. He acknowledged our contribution to the country. One day, we were suddenly called to Ministry of Defense - COAS Office and felicitated by Army Chief, awarded the Army Chief citation and appaluded by the Army Top brass - the Vice chief, deputy Chief, Director General Military Training & others. It was a momentous day - I suddenly realized KARM KARO - PHAL KI CHINTA MAT KARO - bcos PHAL jaroor AYEGA! Bushido - Its a kind of Magic!

My Student is Tanya, a 28 year old, cute human, who is also an Engineer & an MBA and workd for a top business house in India.
Her boss, the CEO, started giving her sexual vibes. She rejected his advances by openly speaking to him to stop. His ego got jilted and he said he shall fix her.
A yaer later, She was being transferred to a downgraded office. This time, she complained to the HR. The HR asked her for the evidence which she had. She approached me for advise.BUT AT THIS POINT - I advised her NOT to give the evidence, as the CEO had only given her vibes and not molested her. He didnot deserve to be chucked out from his job for the trivial vibes. That also was Bushido - Benevolence, even for the enemy. So I asked her to boldly state that her only interest was not to sabotage the CEOs life & family, but only to protect her interests.
The HR refused to act, but didnot transfer her. The CEO took this as a failure on her part to stand the heat of HR interogation. He got even more agressive, He started preparing negative Appraisals on her work, in order to give her a speedy expulsion. just at the point of expulsion, 
Now She had no other option other than to present the evidence before the Chairman, Borad of Directors. At this point, the decision was manipulated in the intrest of the company, as the CEO must have had quite a stake. the Chairman negated her allegation on paper, stating that they cannot act on her evidence, since they werenot the legal authority!!!!
i was disapppointed - How could a system lack objectivity? Maybe Tanya may have also blamed me for suggesting that She shouldnot go hard against the CEO as his crime was trivial & didnot merit severe punishment. i had exercised the Samurai code of benevolence- even for the enemy. When Tanya approached me for motivation & guidance, I, as her spiritual Teacher, advised her to write once again to the Chairman. She wrote
"Dear Chairman, I never disclosed the evidence initially in order to do my duty by not sabotaging the career of CEO, even though my integrity was questioned. But later when I faced the threat of expulsion, despite giving the evidence you have not acted.
Do u read the newspapers. Gen VK Singh, the army Chief, sacked his Chief engineer, without any enquiry, by asking him to resign or face dire circumstances. Gen VK did that without a thought of what how the media will tarnish the army image and without a thought of what his colleagues will deem autocratic. He acted in HONOUR- the man under him went wrong - he must be punished as he deserves it - without a thought of personal gain or loss - even if he is acting against his own colleague and to the disapproval of other colleagues. 
But you the Chairman, Sir, did nothing. You only thought of your own vested interests. I can easily turn your judgement by going to the Press where I last worked, and to the Police, who are ready to arrest the CEO. But I prefer to stand by my principles - I donot wish to bring disrepute to my company or afflict such severe punishment to my CEO for his instinctive act. even under severe pressure or undue loss of respect in my work circle. By negating my complaint of sexual harrassment, you have NOT done your duty to me, but still I shall DO MY DUTY by NOT going bringing disrepute to you & my company. "   
The chairman got reminded of his dharma- Samurai call it Bushido - The Code of duty & Honor. Lose Honor & the samurai commit suicide. They do what they must - irrespective of consequence. the Chairman acted suddenly - following the examples of Men of Honor - He expelled the CEO unceremoniously!
This Bushido - It works !

My deaREST drago

U love me. I never knew that. I thought I was last on ur list. Today when u r dying, I found that I, ur master was above even life for u.

Lying prostate and blue with lil consciousness, confusion n disorientation, constant seizure of ur jaws, breathless, you were still dying to see me, to look at me by lifting ur eyes, that's all u cud manage. You even gave me ur paw and tried to lick me when I cleaned ur eyes.

When I left out of the door, u in a state of confusion ran to my bedroom searching for me. When you heard me on the stairs u willed ur limp body to walk to the stairs for one last glimpse of me. You even drank water after 24 hrs with the hope that I won't get angry on ur starvation and come back.

My drago, my dob- how I relished touching u for the last time before I left, how u were perceiving my touch though immobile and listless.

U sat then boldly trespassing into my bedroom sitting wid my T shirt n smelling it, like in d past u always sat on my bed breaking all rules within my blanket whenever u missed ur master badly facing d threat of getting beaten up.

I hope I cud convey to u Drago - that I love u, that You are the best dog in d whole world- fighter dog- drago the winner.

That I wudnot be upset if u go away from me. To ur destiny. That u shall forgive me for going on my other duty away from u, in ur last moments. I was afraid Drago- to see u suffer, to see u die- forgive me my child. It wud be easy for u- they said- to depart when I was gone.

I hope for all love that u go easy. I cannot give way to that one impossible thought of hope that keeps popping in my mind- that u shall get well and welcome me when I return. I also dread to see u still sufferring after I return- that option will be the most painful one.

Drago, my dob, I may forget u, but u shall always come back to me when I am dying. I too shall like to die as u did- with dignity, honor and above all with profound undying luv for one and all around me, dying to get one glimpse of my luved ones before I part.

My Drago- u are the best! Thank you friend, for your lovely companionship from a small puppy to an adult who fought every fight to an old man who never made others realize that he was old and gave company to me through all times.

I can still picturize u from my bedroom as I look towards the door- outside which I still see u lying down facing me and i can still feel ur eyes riveted upon me. Bye Drago my lovely dog.

Drago waited for master to come from outstation for 5 days gasping and limp in coma, got up to see master, spent the night wid him. Next day morn waited till Master got up and beckoned to him and died in his lap, wid eyes wide open staring at his love. We clapped just before he died to celebrate his glorious life and Bushido. Samurai give up lives, Drago atught us that Samurai give up death too- for Bushido and for love. Hail Drago- MY dob.

Proud Master of a dob

Male, Black n tan

Ferocious Compassionate

Called Drago

NOV 2010

The Ministr y of Home affairs appointed the Raos as Resource persons for imparting specialised Close Combat Trg for Indian Police. This was conveyed to all DGPs and DG s of Paramilitary orgs. Talk of Recognition and KarmaM
DEC 2010
This is, in Hindu literature, the era of Kalyug. Kalyug came thousands of years after Satyug, where all citizens were righteous, honest & none corrupt, where all work & duty was aimed towards betterment of human community.
Kalyug started with death of Lord Krishna. The corruption began to rise & society began to breed people who worked for personal gain, rather than for society betterment. Slowly their numbers began to rise and they indulged in evil acts instead of their duty. Today, Kalyug is at its peak. As described in the Gita, in Kalyug, 70 percent of people will be disciples of Evil and will do many evil acts for sake of personal gain & material benefits. And as this breed of bad warriors start destroying the peace & the world in general, the world will threaten to end.
At this point, Lord Vishnu incarnates as Kalki to redeem the world. Kalki, interestingly, is a warrior on a white horse, with shining armour and a glistening sword. He goes on a rampage killing the evil. All the killed evil doers get redeemed to good, as before dying their last sight is Lord Vishnu himself- as Kalki, so they actually are supposed to get purified during death.
Interestingly, in other religion, there is described a "great battle" against evildoers where Mahadi, who again is a warrior who redeems the world of evil. In Cler gy, they speak of the second coming of Son of God to fight son of Satan & his evil followers, in the battle of Armageddon in order to restore peace & ascend to heaven.
In Japanese Samurais were again warriors who fought to preserve their honour & code of duty to Shogun.
I am lead to an important conclusion . WHO IS KALKI- WE ARE KALKI - Each one of us who will pick up the sword & fight the corrupt, at the cost of losing everything, for betterment of society rather than personal gains. Each has the potential to be Kalki, in his chosen field of life, to fulfill his Dharma (Hinduism), Gospel (Christian) or Bushido (Samurai) "

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