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India’s leading industrialist, Chairman of a very prominent Blue Chip company  wanted to form a security plan to protect against Industrial terrorism. He searched for the best people in Asia & found us. He invited us over for discussions & we sent him a proposal of 20 lac per annum.


Meanwhile, we were in the process of buying a place for starting a new medicare business and we needed money. The Company people called me up & said that the contract was almost through, but I would have to go down 200 km away to meet with the Finance VP tomorrow at 11am. Now I contemplated, ’why should I meet the VP, we cannot discuss any security matter anyways, it must be either about a kickback or for establishing a hierarchy’


I suddenly didn’t want to bum lick anyone for 20 lac. But on the other side, I wud’nt be able to purchase the new place. I suddenly remembered what I used to teach my students “Its not what u get, its how u get it’ I asked myself whether I cud practise what I preached.


 I replied to the company in print- If the VP wants to meet me, he is welcome though security matters are outside his jurisdiction. He may seek an appointment & meet us in Mumbai next week. We lost the contract but I won in my mind.





Finally we decided to buy the place from the builder to set up our medicare center.  The property to be purchased was next door in the same complex where we live. Very convenient. The price too was decent.


Then came the process – illogical. We were to pay the money first, sign the agreement  & then the busy bigshot builder would find time to sign the agreement. The Builder was very reputed and had dealt with our relatives in the past year.


 But I found the process very undemocratic and demoralizing. I will have to underplay to the builder. I decided that I will not buy from him even if I lose the golden opportunity. Hundreds of buyers have bought properties from him without complaining, succumbing & prescribing to self deprecatory process.  I lost once again. I won again. I invested the money in fixed deposits & forgot my dream of a medicare center.


MAY  TO JUN 2009




We wrote & published a book rather an Encyclopedia of our research. We put down all 17 years of research into print, put in all my lifes earnings & published the book. We asked consent from the Service Chief to accept this book before investing all our money. It was a vey welcome yes. The Home minitry was sceptical, We will analyse it & decide they said.


Well we put in over 10 lacs into the book. It was to be distributed free to the forces both Services & Home ministry if accepted. I had a choice- I could either write a conventional book to avoid any radical concept & gain acceptance OR to put down my radical concepts which would provoke thought & make progress in outdated british methodology. I chose the latter accepting the chance of rejection. After all even Bruce Lees JKD was radical & defied tradition. It went on to become a liberating doctrine for all martial arts of the world.


Our book was born. The Armed force took 10 months to analyse it & declared it  radical & declined its central distribution. Well, the Home ministry analysed it & felicitated us. Our Book was distributed to every Police force, every paramilitary org in the country, National Security included. The Home Minister personally congratulated us while putting on record our selfless service to the country.


Well thats how it is. Sometimes u get the bear, sometimes the bear gets u. I am glad that I opted out to write a radical manual which defied traditional thinking & set the way for provoking newer thought. Someday We will be remembered for our earliest ideas on modernization.

After all life only demands from u the strength that u possess. I had the strength to write one such book that would defy all traditional norms & set the way for radically modern & unconventional thinking. I did it. I got widespread acceptance & felicitation from one part of the designated spectators while I got ignored by the other part. Anyways I NEVER wrote anything or DID anything for anyones acceptance. I did it for science for modernization & for personal expression. And I won, though in a direction I least expected. The Top brass have congratulated me via telephone for writing this excellent book. I guess that beats all the critics.


Today, The FBI & Interpol & Queen of UK have graced the book by including it in their libraries, for use of their personnel in CT Ops.


thats the way Life goes. Amen.


DEC 2009

The Indiam Forces have accepted the book which was initially rejected. Kudos. We won!

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