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JAN 2008 - MAR 2008


Many thoughts to discuss.


A) Why the hell are Indians so proud of studying in the USA, working in the USA or Travelling to  US? The country is NOT our motherland. The weather is bad, culture is bad (people emote less), there is a labour problem, sparsely populated, etc etc. Our people go overseas and work at half the pay, twice as much, in lower capacity & proudly state " I worked as a pizza boy to earn some pocket money while I studied!"  They buy second hand BMWs and pay in dollars & boast to Indians. Ask these US "Green card" holders to come to India & buy a BMW here in Indian Rs with taxes etc. Well there are Indians who do that (-:)


In any case the only great achievers overseas in western countries are always & will always be INDIANS!


APR 2008


BUSHIDO: Courage. Spirit. Truth. Honor. Duty. 


How much it takes to practice this.... let me illustrate. Life had the following challanges laid out to test my Bushido.



MAY 2008 - SEPT 2008


This year brough fresh challenges to test my Bushido. The Samurai Bushido which I strongly adhere to – Courage, Spirit, Truth, Honor, Duty Destiny. The Ideals which don’t change. Even if Life changes to Death.




Shanker, a peon was my fathers fan for many years. He used to save his earnings with my dad, giving my dad Rs 200 every month to save, for more than 30 years. My dad invested Shankers money in fixed deposits till it became two lakh. After my dad died, my mother wanted to give Shankers money to my sister. I felt very bad. I had to fight with my 80 year old mother to stop her from doing so & I saw to it that the 2 lakh FD was handed over to Shanker. I loved my dying mother very much and hated to fight with her for Shankers money. I stopped talking to her and caused her so much pain. Shanker meant nothing to me. But my bushido was to see that my dad’s good thoughts for a peon were not thwarted. My dad’s reputation as a honest man wasn’t tainted. It was my Bushido that made me go against the people I loved so much. For the Truth. For my Duty. For my fathers Honor. I had to display Courage & Spirit.     




The second challenge. A famous Film maker Money Ratna (fictional), approached me to choreograph the famous Bachpan and Ushwarya in a battle scene and was ready to pay me very high stake for it. Sounded very good. It would be an explosive entry into the world of films, and easy money. So I was ordered to fly the very next day to Bangalore to meet with the Big Ratna. I sat back and thought. I am the greatest man in spec op training. The country is thinking of giving me a Presidents award for my work for the country’s security. Will it be my bushido to chase the Big Ratna all the way to Bangalore? On the other hand, I thought, by not going, am I being too egoistic & impractical? I reached a conclusion. I told the CEO of the Ratna Company- “please ask Mr. Big Ratna to at least give me a call and request me to come to Bangalore to meet with him” Becos I stated that this is the respect expected from one human being to another, if he were to expect me to come all the way to Bangalore to meet with him. Of course Big Ratna refused. But you know what – I may have lost in material gain, but I won in Honor & my bushido was fulfilled.



We had secured a five year contract in Security Training for Indias biggest blue chip company. We were making loads of mullah every year in lakhs. Col Sharma, works with the company and at the same time he is our Hon secretary helping with matters of national security forces training with his tremendous experience in Special Forces. Our Secy Col sharma was accused by his company that he was engaging our services at a huge commission from us. Col Sharma requested us to relieve him of advising us in matters of serving the country.


After loads of contemplation, I gave notice to the company that our contract was terminated and lost the lakhs coming in to us from the country. This way I washed out the false allegations of commission. I also preserved Col Sharma participation in our org as his expertise was essential in serving the country. More important than the lakhs which were coming in to serve our personal selves. So we lost money, but preserved the Secretary of our Org. Duty over Gain. Bushido once again. 


The book MIND RANGE.


I had comipled together my thoughts in the book I have written THE MIND RANGE. My Old publisher, who has published my other Books was keen on publishing it. I too was very keen on publishing it. All was finalized and the book was to be ready in about a months time, out in the market. Out of the blue, the publisher, a 75 year old respected man demands Rs 30,000 for publishing the book. The 30 grand was small money for me at that time. But I thought, should I yield to this kind of blackmail? Is it right for me to pay for publishing my own book? The publisher should be paying me royalty for it – here it is the other way round. So, even though, I was desparately eager to get the book published, I refused. Sam, my buddy, told the publisher “Sir, by making a monetary demand at the moment of publication, you are displaying bad ethics. The book is too important to me and the money 30 grand too insignificant. But there is something more important than both, because of which I don’t mind my book not getting published. So please terminate the publishing process” What is that thing, the publisher asked? Sam replied “Bushido” And what is that, he asked? “Too hard for you to understand Sir” Sam replied. So, once again, we lost. But we gained. Self respect – Honor. Of the Bushido




We were invited by our JKD Teacher, Richard Bustillo to visit the IMB Academy in a western country. We applied for a VISA. We could have bypassed questions in the aplication form "have u been associated with military training? have u trained in firearms? etc etc" Instaed we choose to proudly state that "Yes, we have been associated with Counter Terror training for our country" & substantiated it with many letters of commendation from our countries Force Chiefs, Home Minister, etc, the VISA application submitted with over 50 letters of reference regarding our work in CT Ops for the country.


What followed was unreasonable. We were treated badly at the VISA interview. Like all other Indians, We were made to stand during the interview/ We felt like some tribal native who wanted to gain illegal entry in"The great Land". When we wished the intervioewer Good Morning, he failed to respond, didnot even look at us & terminated the interview without speaking more than 2 lines. He rejected our application, probably associating us with a terror threat to his country.


We wrote to various govt authorities in the concerned country stating the type of treatment and ill behavior towards us patriotic individuals or any Indian for that matter was out of place.


A month later we recvd a long letter of apology and asking us to reappy. In anycase we are not beggars. We decided that we will never visit that country ever in our life, whatever the incentive to them or to us. Thats our bushido.


When my Teacher came to know of this, he wrote to me -

I'm sorry that you and Seema were mistreated in an undignified manner from a staff member of our Consulate's Office.   This discourteous person is only 1% of the many who are working in the Consulate's Office.

I would have given the name of the uncivil staff member to the State of Affairs at the Consulate's Office.  He is forgetting the unwritten Code of Ethics:   Treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

A rainbow will appear after a storm.  Be patient, be consistent and be determined.


I wrote back to my Teacher -    

I had written about my work for the country with over 50 letters attached from local authorities to the Consul General. I think they have not been able to differentiate between those who work as merceniaries with terror groups rather than against it.
Its OK. Ying & Yang are one, says Lee, not two separate entities. By virtue of our work, we are receiving many honors within the country. By the same virtue, we have come to be regarded as threats to your country.
I am only sorry that I couldnot meet my teacher, the one man who means everything in my Life. I shall never be able to visit the IMB academy in my entire life. Not becos I cannot reapply, but because my Bushido code of Honor will never permit me to beg for a visa after once being turned down.
I love u. U know that. I will have to keep visualizing u as an image in my mind most of my Life, leaving aside those few instances when I shall get lucky enough to meet with u.
Your most loving student



One country thinks we are going to imigrate, but the world thinks didderently. A week later, we recvd an invitation from the World Peace Congress held this year in Malaysia to participate as delegates from India. We were nominated on basis of our selfless work for our country in promoting peace by helping forces in fgtg hostiles. We were felicitated by the PM malaysia in front of the world press by the WORLD PEACE DIPLOMAT AWARD.
We were invited to train the participants of an international forces training exhibition, open to the worrld Press.
We refused to share our advanced techniues to be showcased at the event so that our echniques are not seen or imitated by the other countrys forces. We desired our techniques to be available only for use of our country eclusively.
We were asked by the Command to help in writing the manual on CQB Ops in 2007. However there was one lo ranking training official who kept delaying the orders given by the Top man in coordinating with us. Eventually he managed to sabotage the work by more than a year, till all those who were in the Top seat got transferred. My desire to write the manual got stopped.
I sat back and thought. I want to put my research down in print for my country. The Top brass too are willing to let me share my expertise. But one intermediate man is coming in the way of this venture. I said I will publish my lifes venture MYSELF and give it to the Forces. 
I wrote to the Chief saying I wish to publish a limited edition only for the Indian forces. He agreed to accept it. I decided I will charge nothing, not even the cost of production, as a service to the country. 
My very dear student decided to bear the cost of production - 18 lacs. I agreed thinking it was a godsendgift. 
However other students around thought "Sir is finally accepting the help of an external factor for his work". The vibrations of respect towards me began changing. I finally decided - I will not accept a single rupee from anyone for this work. I explained to my dear student who wanted to sponser the book - that as much as I love him, in order to not lose respect from others who matter, I will not be able to accept the money from him for publishing my lifes work.
I reduced the budget to 10 lac which I could afford & put in all my Lifes earnings into publishing the book myself. The book was now of lower cosmetic quality with the reduced cost, but I had restored ny self esteem to the highest quality.
Now We are bankrupt, at least for the moment. But I feel proud. We, ordinary couple, with an income below taxable limit, have put in all our lifes savings, into a project to serve the country. 
And still, retained the respect of those who matter to us. My pockts are empty, but my heart is full.  

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