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Jan 2007


I am tired. Working hard real HARD all the time. What the fuc... do I work so hard for, I m wondering.


I work for the Army. For no compensation. Travel to remote places almost 3 times a month. Trying hard to improvise & innovate. So trying, remote far flung locations, inhospitable dangerous terrain, new people new faces always. Cold Real Cold places minus 20 degs C. I almost froze to Death. Couldnot clutch a firearm. Cold steel eating into my hands. Hypoxia, Bad bad headaches. No time to aclamatize. Fly direct from 2000 feet to 17000 feet above Sea level in a few hours. Training begins in 4 hours.... Are u ready? Of Course I am.... Always ready! Came back & take so long to realize I m back with & amisdt civilians. Adapting all the while.


Money making can be such a boring process. I got tired, real tired in last 2 years.  I have now detached. Fuc it all. No need for more. I dont need to lose my peace. Not for the bucks. Told all the people who wanted me to run for the mullah to go to hell. You CANT buy me, NEVER.


PERFECTION. Notneeded in business. Not in Work. Not in any quest which is material. But YES, needed ALL THE TIME in INNER quests. Towards a better Mind! Towards a better Body! Towards better Health!


What is sucess?  By ALL Definitions today, I have suceeded. Money, Yes. Achievement Yes. Power, Yes. Health, Yes. But Still, I adhere to this. To Win the Respect of Intelligent Men, To be able to laugh with Children, To make a few moments of some Soul in Distress more comfortable because u have lived.....That is to have SUCCEEDED!


My New Year Resolution? I have worked Day & Night now for 2 years ..... I am off to MANY VACATIONS..... As I write this the postman has come...delivered my tickets to some assignment. Again...I am on the move. See you.


FEB 2007


Students learn so much from their Teacher. There are Teachers who significantly contribute to the students growth. The student has to remember that He is as he is, becos of the Teacher. There are however a category of students who defy & who want to see their Teacher down. I feel really sad.


There also is another group of good students who believe they know their colleagues better than their teacher. Whose fidelity lie with their colleagues. More than towards the teacher who has taught them to fight.I advise these good students.... You have to keep your Loyalty, Integrity & Fidelity first towards your Teacher, always over & above your colleagues who may be learning with you under the Teacher. Your Teacher comes first, Teaching next, you last. please Remember, a hundred colleagues can be readily sacrificed for one good Teacher.



MAR 2007


In 2007, My Teacher, in Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts,  Richard Bustillo, finally came to visit me. It seemed like eternity waiting for him to come. It was a tense moment for me. He would check me out, check my JKD, check the growth of my mind.


He got straight down to work & to training me. From 9 morning to 11 night. We began by him observing me, my every move, my every skill. Patiently he observed without comment what I have been doing in his absence.  He then said Good Dr. Rao, I m happy with your skills. He then got on to the floor. He started training me, systematically, subject by subject. Range by Range. Weapons, Kicking, Boxing, Trapping, Knee-Elbow, Grappling, Groundwork. All of it. And of course he laid special emphasis on sharing well kept secrets of Bruce Lees strength, power, coordination & efficiency. We trained all day long, extending at times to midnight.


In training, all of his 60 plus years disappeared. He became a young teenager, excited & animated about training. Endless energy & endurance. Massive Power & Tremendous speed. I was witnessing the legacy of Bruce Lee, alive & burning like a bright flame in the twenty first century. Bruce Lees words came alive via my Teacher & I felt Lees energy & Chi via my Teachers wisdom.


My Teacher sprained his wrist & due to extended hours of training, My Teachers old injuries got inflamed. He was sore in his ankle, knee & hip. He may have been in pain, but he never slowed down. He forgot about his meals, his sleep and was obsessed with only one thing. Training me. Me & Seema. We drilled & drilled without speaking much, trying to extract maximum skills in minimum time.


Then the Two day RSB Seminar started. By the end of it, they were famished but on a high & in touch with their core. He tells my students "You have a fine Teacher in your JKD Instructor, my students, Dr. Rao & Dr. Seema. They teach you good Jeet Kune Do. After the tiring Seminar, I suggested to my Teacher that we see some important tourist places of interest. He said No, Lets go back and train. So thats what we did, after 6 hours of Seminar training, we go back & He teaches me. Again We Punch, Kick, Trap, Do Sticks & Ground work.


This goes on for 5 days. At the end of which its the last day. He arrives late as he has to spend time in the Gym doing weights!. The he strats training me again. When its time for Lunch, he says " We can skip Lunch. I want to show you Amara- Stick Combinations. So No Lunch for Sifu & Us, But more training. Wow, this is heaven, I thought. Finally, We go without Lunch & straight have Dinner at 7 evening. Then its time for his flight & we have an early check in at the Airport.


But No, My Teacher says. "We still have Chi Sao left, You wanted me to help u perfect that, We can go to the Airport a little late." I say "Teacher No, You will miss the flight" But he is adamant. What can I say, Hes my Teacher, Hes got to have his way. So Chi Sao it is for an hour. We rush to the Airport.


At the Airport He hugs my students first & avoids eye contact with me. Finally He looks at me & says "Good Bye, Deepak. See I told u, it will be over before we know" He hugs me. I dont want to let go of the embrace. I am in tears. After the embrace, he hugs me again, & hes holding back his tears.


Without saying anything more, he steps into the Airport & Walks straight away. I see him walking tall, very proud of me. What a fine man, I think. That instant, in the crowded Airport lounge, I want to shout loudly at the whole World  "Hey Everybody, Look there, at that Great Man. He's MY TEACHER- Did You Know?


After hes gone, I sulk. My Teacher is gone back to the other side of the World. Now It will be another year before I see him. I cant sleep at night. I dream & dream about his interest in training me, beyond his food, beyond his sleep, beyond his entertainment or sight seeing in a foreign land, beyond the pain of his injurys. I want to cry like a child. He reminds me of my late father.


I am going to relive every moment of his affection during my training. As I face the Heavy Bag, next morning, Hes going to be there, in my mind, shouting "Once more Deepak, Kick once more. Harder this time, with more power. You must Kick the Heavy Bag out of that window".  And I Kick with all that I got. The Bag flies off the Hook. See... MY TEACHER IS STILL WITH ME. And the torch of Jeet Kune Do blazes on!


 APR -JUN 2007


Human beings are so intelligent. Their brains have led them to conquer the Moon. Amazing isnt it? The Same human gets dictated by Jealousy & instincts to mk major decisions of his life.


There are no good men, only men who do gud at a given point of time

There is no JKD man, only one who chooses JKD way at a given point of time

There is no bad event, only those u choose to b pessimistic about

There is no bad moment, only those u choose to not b positive about


JULY - DEC 2007


Let me tell u the Indian tale of a great Teacher and great student, Dronacharya & Eklavya. Dronacharya, the Teacher to Royal family had Prince Arjuna as his favorite and most skilled & most trained student.


He was approached by a low caste youth named Eklavya for training, which Drona refused in keeping with the traditions of those times.


One day while training Arjuna in the jungle, Dronacharyas pet dog started barking. Someone far away shot 3 arrows into the dogs jaws and clamped them without hurting the dog. Drona was amazed at this extraordinary skill. When he went out to investigate who shot these arrows, he came across a youth, Eklavya who claimed responsibility for the act.


He complimented Eklayvas skill and asked him who taught him this art. Eklavya replied "I kept a statue of you, great Teacher and derived inspiration from it, So I owe everything to u, Teacher"


Drona realized that Eklavyas skill was superior to Arjunas. So He decided that since he wanted Arjuan to be the greatest warrior of all time, he will have to stop Eklavya from pursuing archery.


He told Eklavya "What is my Gurudakshina? (In ancient India, the student gives a token fee called Gurudakshina to Teacher at the end of his training - This could be anything Teacher asks for). Eklavya said whatever u desire Teacher. Drona asked for his right thumb! Eklavya gladly cut it off and offered it to Dronacharya and ended his passion of Archery forever.!


You know what? Eklavya was a superhuman student who despite the absence of his Teacher, or unwillingness of his Teacher to teach him, could learn so much.


Dronaacharya was a SELFISH & BAD Teacher - becos he took away the skill of his student who had learnt only from a imagined teacher. Eklavyas inspiration was from a self created idealistic image of his Teacher and not the real Drona himself.



Eklavya lived upto the expectations of an Ideal student. But Dronacharya fell in what is expectted from an Ideal Teacher.


Lifes like that. Many times u derive inspiration from an imagined idealism of others, (in any relationship not just Teachers) you think that they must be like this & that and your thought generates the attitude or inspiration. But you may be totally surprised at what they turn out to be.


But we must carry on, YOUR OWN IDEALISM IS WHAT MATTERS, not that of others.




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