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Jan 2006


Life offers so much. Sometimes its for the good. Sudden prosperity, Sharp downfalls. Unpredictable happennings.


A Young Martial Art Instructor Died. Most unlikely. My Dying mother lived. Most unlikely. A Fit man broke both  his hands. Unlikely. An old man of 94 survived an accident. Ha! I want to laugh.


Life is scary! Life is so Good! Life is CERTAINLY BEAUTIFUL.


Feb 2006


In Life One must learn the 3 qualities


1. How to Prevent Adversity

2. How to Combat Adversity

3. How to ADAPT if the fight fails.


I am learning to Adapt to all possible happennings in my life. Separation of a Dear One. Death of a Dear One. Handicap & Disability of Self. Loss of Property.

When it comes, I shall be already over it. IF IT COMES. If Life gives me  a BOOTY, I wont be surprised & will cherish it.


I want to be truly invulnerable. Like Buddha. Like Osho. Like BRUCE LEE. That is what fighting has taught me.


Mar 2006


I am overworked. Working towards beating fat. Beating a pot belly from appearing. Martial Arts Training. My work for the Forces. Research. My Academy.


In the midst I wonder, why work so hard. I am non material, so no pleasure in worldly articles. Then why work so hard. Bcos I feel, that I must also succeed in the material world. Succeed to prove that with the correct attitude, all follows. Thats the only reason.


April 2006


I guess I am doing quite well monetarily. But again, I donot base any ego or esteem on my success. Only that, it came with the right philosophy.


I remember telling Sam, one Diwali day in the past, 10 years ago, when we couldnot afford a decent meal on the great Indian festival day. " Sam, Lets go up to the terrace & punch & Kick. All else will come. And Man today it has come. I have everything in the material world. And Jeet Kune Do. Now that makes me a really rich man!


May 2006


I am prepared. To lose. Everything.


Prepared to lose my health. I may get a heart attack. I may again dislocate my knee. Down for a year. Or down for good. Or I may be dead next month! NO PROBLEMS, I WILL ADAPT.


Prepared to lose my material assets. My House, My Investments, etc. NO PROBLEMS, I WILL ADAPT.


Prepared to lose my SAM, my biggest source of being, She may die, I may die, we may be separated by calamity. NO PROBLEMS, I WILL ADAPT, though really I dont know how.


Prepared to lose my Family. My very important reason to live. NO PROBLEMS, I WILL ADAPT..... somehow 


CALAMITY may strike, Tsunami, Betrayal, Accident, NO PROBLEMS, I WILL ADAPT.


I AM PREPARED. To Adapt to every Calamity. I am water. after 31 years of trying. Or Not trying!


I have reached full circle. And I know it.


June 2006 to Sept 2006


We are in the process of taking our innovations to the Armed forces, with invitations from the Army Top brass. National Secu rity, Counter Terrorism Units, Mumbai Po lice Anti Terror Squads, all have trained under us. 


We are now tryning to take our martial art skills to Forces & Police overseas. Let us see how it shapes up.


Life only demands from u the Strength that u possess. ---Bruce Lee.  I will rise till I CAN, Why do I want to rise? Really speaking I am a man of very little ambition & desire. My goals of life are just to make the journey interesting the road colorful. Not really to feel on Top of others. I doubt whether any success will ever last long in onres head before being replaced by another dream.


Today markets to us the hopes of tommorow. Tommorow is nothing but today. So we miss out on today becos of thought of tommorow. So Let me live TODAY & forget brooding about tommorow.




Financially We are doing well, We have more than we need. Who is a RICH Man? One who has more than he needs. Who earns more than he spends. Or rather Who spends less than he earns. SO your assets DONOT define your richness. Your needs define it. Minimize your needs. In words of Lee "HACK AWAY THE UNESSENTIALS". I M RICH MAN & I KNOW IT.


Lao Tzu. All that rises has to fall. Why do people not step out while at the Top. Andre Agasshi. Retire with a fall. Bill Wallacce. Great man... bcos He was wise enough to retire while at the Top. I will prepare for defeat, I will step down before I fall. I will not be greedy for more. Richard Bustillo taught me that. I owe him so much.




Oct to Dec 2006:


Well Well. Seema went and met the Vice Chief, Deputy Chief & DGMT. All were full of praise for her work. We were called by National Secu rity. To train the them in ACCS course outlining Counter Hijack & Hostage Rescue. Very Prestigious.  The General stated that they benefited a lot.


The Army Commander NC called us next. Multiple visits to the valley & now they are considering implementing our Combat shooting methods into the Army curriculum. Delta force & other forces have liked our training methodology. We have received the Army Commanders Appreciation. He is the next Army Chief too. His blessings are with UCCA.


The Air Force Chief has also sanctioned our ACCS Trg course. Man we are going great guns! At a very high level. At a personal level, I have managed to lose my extra weight. I look good, after a loooong time.


I don’t wish to try HARD. I wanna try SOFT. Effortless. Like in Zen. I want to achieve Balance. In everything. My Weight. My Fitness. My Diet. My Mind. My Work. I DONOT wish to try & try very hard and in the process forget about the Roses that adorn my path, or forget about the Butterflies that wander around. Or about the Stars that are twinkling just above. I WANT TO LIVE & LOVE LIFE. My Martial arts have opened me to Lifes beauties. Thank God I did Fighting. Also,  Thank God I did Medicine. FIGHTING taught me Discipline. It taught me that Nothing comes without Effort. Nothing comes EASY. One has to fight & struggle for all that glitters and shines. Unlike this the Mind is easy to release. Liberation is effortless. ITS COMING. I CAN FEEL IT!


JKD taught me to apply common sense to everything. Common sense is not so common. Every where you see people doing things the wrong way. The long way. The tortous way. The complicated way. JKD is rare in the everyday world. Every one understands and agrees. But No One wants to put into PRACTISE. Why is it like that? Thank God its like that. If All were to apply JKD, then the JKD man would be a commoner. He would not be outstanding in a crowd. Not a winner by a large margin. Not a great success. SO LET IT BE. Let the world not realize JKD so easily. Knowing is not enough. We must DO. So rightly said.


New Year is around the corner. I have again injured myself so many times. Injuries have become part of Life. Life Only demand from You the Strength that you possess. If You have it in your capability, You will do it. I have so much JOSH…. (the Indian Army word for “Enthusiasm”) I wish that My Josh never ages. I can grow old, My body can wither, my exoskeleton can perish- Skin, hair, looks etc, But not my will to live, desire to experience & aspiration for the ecstasys of Life- The non material ones.


I wish all my readers a very happy new year- full of Josh to live, experience & aspire for ultimate ecstasy- The Nirvana / Satori.  


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