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Jan 2005


When u want something, it seems very important to u. When u get it, it ceases to matter. Whether it is money, academic accolades, health, whatsoever.


The reverse is also true. When u have something, u assume it is urs to keep & take granted that fact. But when u lose it, u start valuing it.


Take my health for instance. During training last year, I have been obsessed with getting better, faster, stronger & more skillfull. Now, I have dislocated my knee. and I realise that I had been kicking, punching & moving so well.


I will recover. I always do. I have injured & battered my body so badly so many times. Countless Fractures, A Slipped disc had me down for 8 months in bed, Retinal tears sent me partially blind, Kidney stones handicapped me for months caused by severe dehydration. i had convulsions becos of hypocalcemia during a marathon. And now dislocated knee, the second time.


Nothing can keep me from Fighting. Becos fighting now is inseparable from me. It is a way of life... my way. Samurai philosophy is so deeply imbibed into warriors, therefore Samurai stay Samurai till the last breath.


Nothing will down my spirits. I am not ever going down. I will adapt, and survive. I know this well, its a time proven fact. 


I have also learnt to value my health, my fitness a lot more. And I have learnt to count my blessings rather than repent on hangups. I am never sorry about what happens. I am comfortable with myself.


My life is beautiful, I will respect & love it till the last breath. And till Ibreathe, I will stay a warrior... By choice!


Feb 2005 to Jun 2005


I have recovered from the knee injury. Am still a little slow but will soon get faster than ever.


I met a Millionaire. He wanted to learn Fighting. I taught him. He loved it. Somewhere down the line, he asked me whether I & Sam will head a company lauched by him in VIP Protection. We said yes. Cheers man. We would be rich! Overnight. Plans progressed. Meanwhile my students respect was growing & growing for me. Till it grew to a level of disadvantage to me! I was told by my Millionaire student that he didnot feel comfortable playing my boss. So lets drop it, he said. With that my (current!) destiny of getting really rich changed. No Problem, I shrugged it off. Lifes like that....Sometimes You get the Bear, At times the Bear gets you.


Sifu Bustillo is coming to India. Just to seminar us! I am thrilled. The Army Chief is once again interested in my work. This time I have suggested that they consider modifying their existing training in some aspects. National se curity is also inclined once again. Diving Ops is also interested. Looks like a busy year.


Mom is dying. Right in front of me. I love her so much. But she has to go, I gues. Her life cycle is complete. Her life has been complete, I reassure her. As a physician, I tell her that death is a neccesary component of Life. Not to fear. Not to pity. To welcome with open arms. To be happy about it. To have lived so fully... to so ripe an age. Kudos. I had great difficulty in telling her this. After telling her, I saw that she was first very sad. Then her sadness was replaced with happiness & an intense desire to experience her last few moments fully. I succedded in making her moments, I am glad. But the sadness in me is so profound. I look at her all the time & think, Mom u have been so good to me.... Thank u!


I have felt so profoundly sad only on 3 occasions. When my Dad died, When my Dog died & When my once dearest student betrayed me. Now I guess will be the 4th time. ON all these occasions it rained heavily, as if the skies were personifying my tears. No problem, Lifes like that.


July 2005


Friends. Many times, you meet someone from a totally different world. You get attached & a beautiful friendship begins.


I have many beautiful friendships. They are fulfilling. I once said 'Friendship is a verb'. So, it has to be 'done'. you have to keep in touch, meet, walk along, not say a once in a year Hi to your best pal.


In my life, I find that in the course of life, your friends get lost in life that the importance of the friendship diminishes. It then takes a small misunderstanding to lose its intensity. Also, two friends who donot have any common associations like business, work, hobby, common circle & common goals fail to travel far together. this should not be so, but practically, it so happens.


In any case, I will conclude by saying that whichever friends I have had, have only added to my life. Thanks to all of them. To those who have misunderstood me, or not understood my love, I am still grateful for having shared some thoughts with me along the way!


Aug 2005


Finally, we did something commercial. We opened up a State of the art 'Combat Training Center in India. Here we train civilians, law enforcement & military personnel who wish to train with us in hand to hand combat. This is the first one of its kind in India.


Yes, some moolah is flowing in. more than we asked for. But as a rule, we donot put money above our lives. students are desparate to train under us. At any cost. I am surprised that my work in combat is finally reaping some commercial benefits, without asking from destiny.  


At times I am given to believe in Karma, You get what you deserve, You reap what you sow, you get good returns if u do good, bad if u do bad. Seems mathematical. Hard to believe, though, if u are trained in science like me. But nevertheless, good adage for "doing good"!!


Sept 2005


The Army Chief organized a ACCS presentation Workshop at a high level convention presided by the Army Training Chief. It was attended by over 100 Officers from Col to Generals. Big moment for ACCS.


Oct 2005


My Dog is so beautiful. He is a dobberman pinscer. Male. Black & Tan. Drago - The Carbine. He has some congenital weakness in his hind legs. But Man, can he fight! He is an agressive guy when attacked by other dogs, otherwise he is the a statue of god!


He is an epitome of fidelity. Reminds me of how infidel man can be, What a contrast! Man needs to learn from Dog. OR DOB!


Nov 2005


Life surprises me. you meet some people, at times in life, who come so close. I am not referring to man-woman relationship. You meet the most unlikely person, take time to get friendly & suddenly - LO, u r great buddies. And Life changes so much. Fulfillment comes, Colors of Life change. So much Magic & Adventure may come.


Dec 2005


Do I have to keep writing? No, Life is full of Army assignments. We have achieved the Respect of People who matter. Feels good. I didnt know I was this man that they are talking about so much.

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