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I am Fit. Healthy. and Sane! Did you know - "Average is extraordinary" Well thank heavens I am average in most of what I am and what I do.  

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There is no goal really. The only goal is to BE, in this moment. Money fades. Power fades. Ambitions fade. You fade. I fade. And in a way- our world fades. What remains is what I think of me. That's why I chose to live well - with Ideals. Principles. above Gain. above convenience. above comfort. Today, many think I am a good man. But that's not what counts. What matters is what I think of myself. And I think - I AM a good man. Period. So, we walk on!    

One too, Like Samurai, must ask urself Whether you have formed any Code or Bushido to live your life with


l       HONOR: Do you believe in Self Respect & Dignity? Are u doing business with Values? Are u allowing other people to demean u & put u down? Do u like yourself? Or the way u behave? Do u respect your own self?


l       TRUTH:  Do you have virtuosity or righteousness? Do you believe in right & wrong & do u live life with some values or just live life towards selfish, personal & material benefits? Do u have one set of values for yourself & another for others? OR do u simply fool urself that u have all the values?


l       COURAGE; Do u have the physical will, bravado & courage to fight for the truth? Or dont u care for truth?


l       SPIRIT: Do you have the unbeatable spirit of the Samurai? Will u give up Everything for all u believe?


l       DESTINY: Do u believe in DUTY? to urself, your values & your principles? That the Good you do will be returned back as good to you?


l       If u haven’t any Bushido, NOW the time has come to rethink, reform your CODE & live life with it !






l    HONOUR:  The most important quality of the Samurai, One without it was not Samurai. They would live & die for keeping their Honor. Self Respect, Self Dignity & keeping in line with a Respectful life contributed to Honor. The Samurai would never do anything that would taint his dignity, respect & Self Esteem.


l       TRUTH:  or Virtuosity. The Samurai was honest & righteous in all that he did. The Samurais word was totally dependable. The Samurai was never afraid to face reality in its such-ness. He was ready to understand & face the truth and was a strong protagonist of the truth. He would fight for the truth and lay down his life for it. 


l       COURAGE:  The sheer mettle of the Samurai, the ferocity of his attack, the ability to risk his life each and every time in impossible situations. He would give his very best at every moment irrespective of injury, tiredness or personal loss.


l       SPIRIT: This was the “Never say die” attitude of the Samurai, who fiercely believed that the Victory was his birth right and that he would win till life existed in him. Even when the odds were against him, the samurai never believed that he could lose. He matched physical courage with indomitable mental spirit.


l       DESTINY: The Samurai believed that he would live with his Bushido, his values, His duty to his Self, his Master & his Country. That DUTY was above Life itself. That correct values would lead to benefits and good results. Like in “Karma” – What you do, shall be returned to you, that the consequences of your actions would depend upon the nature of the actions. Good comes to those who do good & vice versa.   


SEPPUKU: In the rare advent of the Samurai breaking the Bushido, he would fall in society’s eyes. And he would be disgraced in the eyes of his fellow clan. He would above all, fall in his own eyes. As per the Bushido code, The Samurai who has lost Honor would have one chance to redeem his honor - by voluntarily killing himself in a public ceremony by slicing his sword across his belly & bleeding to death – Seppuku (Or Hara-Kiri).